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In today’s world you can see that bisexuals have not been given equal opportunities and respect but they have been left out. However, there have been myths about bisexual since very old time. Even the bisexual people don’t understand themselves. They need to understand themselves first, and then they will ready to live in this stereotype world freely. Many books, Erotic Nude Photography and movies have come up with this issue and supported them, their feelings and asked for their freedom. One of the Oscar-winning movies MILK is an epic on gay rights and their freedom. There have been significant changes and many countries have allowed gay or lesbian marriages realizing that their feelings should be respected. It is more about giving equal rights to everyone irrespective of their gender.



Here come another myth about sexuality and gender. For most of us these two terms means the same thing but they are totally different. Sexuality is the nature given orientation, and it can be of a male, female or a bisexual. But gender has been created by us and today we have created a new gender calling it transgender. The term transgender explains itself as the change in the gender. There are males who get emotionally attached to males and females who get attached and feelings for another female. They have the freedom to love anyone and express their love, who are we to discriminate them by calling them bisexual males or bisexual females? To get more information, you can check Nude Art Photography.

In most of the cases, you will find bisexuals confused about their decision and even gender. They need to clear the concept by themselves first. They are just the people who are attracted to both male and female gender and can grow feelings for anyone. But our heterosexual concept of the society scares them to express their feelings in public and accept what they want. A bisexual person can be defined as the one who is attracted to both male and female somewhat in same ratio or different. They need be with both male as well as female partners at the same time. They can live with anyone of them depending on their desire and urge. If you are bisexual then you have same right to see Nude Model Photography like others. You can check Nu Art for most impressive and best Nude Models Photoshoot.

But my friend irony is with the other normal heterosexual society which discriminates them according to their behavior. If a bisexual female is married to a male, then they have no fingers pointed at them. They can live a normal life and enjoy equal rights and freedom. But if a male is married to another male then they are considered as gay, and they are deprived of many rights and isolated from the society of heterosexuals. They are still fighting for their rights and hoping for a day when they will be given freedom on whom to love and marry and spend their life without any discrimination.