Ms. Nuckols's English Class


Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus


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Adjusted Unit Schedules: Short Stories

Use the following adjusted schedules to keep on track with homework, assignments, and class reading. These schedules explain everything that we are doing until the end of October (which is roughly the end of the Quarter). This is meant to serve as a resource. Please use it as such.
Adjusted Unit 2 A Days 
Adjusted Unit 2 B Days 
Adjusted Unit 2 Advanced

"NoRedInk" Class Codes:

Use the following codes to register for "NoRedInk"--a website for grammar lessons & skill practice. The codes are specific to your class. Please make sure you type in the right code for the class you have.

Go to NoRedInk and type in your class's code to register.

1A: Class code is famous joke 74

1B: Class code is round rake 9

2A: Class code is nimble map 34

2B: Class code is hungry locket 22

4A: Class code is royal sofa 7

4B: Class code is rapid garden 6