Nylon Bags That Gets your Business Noticed Lekki Lagos

Shops and all other retail outlets totally depend on the common Nylon Bag they use to give out the purchases to their customers. They are generous in using these bags towards the benefit of the customer’s comfort – to carry their purchases conveniently and they are able to do this effortlessly mainly because these bags are cheap, especially when ordered in bulk. It is one of the cheapest and common bags found in the market.

Small shops and stores will opt to use the plain unprinted bags as they serve the purpose well. However, bigger stores and supermarkets generally customize these bags with an imprint of their company logo. This is a form of identity more than a business promotion strategy. This customised Nylon Bag might belong to one of most popular supermarket chains, and one would wonder whether it requires anymore brand awareness or visibility. Probably not, and it could be done as a form of identity – to convey a message to the consumer world that customers have been to their store or supermarket. Nevertheless, it does turn out to be a form of advertising. People on the street who notice this bag being carried around will definitely want to check the store out. It does create awareness to a potential customer. It is an effective mode of getting the message across to the outside world; just for a very low cost. This is the how a simple Nylon Bag is a good mode for advertising.

Given below are a few makes of this popularly used bag:

Clear Stock Bags: These bags come in three categories – light, medium and heavy duty. The categories have different gauges depending on the size and the weights they can carry.

Refuse Sacks: They are mainly black in colour, however now they come in colour as well. More emphasis is given to the manufacture of heavy duty refuse sacks. There are certain areas where security is of great concern, and for areas such these clear refuse sacks are available. A sack of a full gauge can be customised too.

Carrier Bags: This is the common unprinted Nylon Bag. They come in a range of colours and are mostly vest-styled, but they can be manufactured in almost any style as well.

Grip Seal Bags: This category too has three different types – heavy weight, plain and the “write on panel” type. They have a press together top closure with the heavy weight bags suited for heavy items. The “write on panel” bag has a white panel where you can write the description of the contents.