Scholarships aren't just for Seniors!

Who said scholarships are just for seniors?! 

There are many opportunities to be earning scholarships and saving for college as early as the 9th grade!  Every month Pinellas County Schools release a list of "Opportunities."  Dozens and dozens of scholarships are listed monthly- and MANY are open to 9th graders! 

Just follow the link below and read the criteria for different scholarships and see if you qualify- If you need help or have any questions- just visit your counselor!


What about Bright Futures?

Bright Futures can only be applied for after Dec. 1 of Senior year- BUT the journey towards earning a Bright Future's Scholarship begins in the 9th grade!  Students need to be working on earning the highest grades they can all throughout high school to earn a GPA that qualifies them for Bright Future's.  Developing good study habits now will pay off in the end!  For more specific information about GPA requirements and other necessary requirements for Bright Future's stop by your counselors office or visit the website!