• come from the book, and on your duolingo classroom. 
  • They are due on the due date assigned
  • If it is turned in at a later time 1 day late (redeemable)
  • If it is turned in 2 days late (non redeemable)
    • If it is non redeemable I STRONGLY SUGGEST you DO IT! Why? Because I will grade it and give it back to you. I want you to learn and succeed and you never know what lies ahead in store, if you just try.
  • If you forgot/Excuses 
    • you are only allowed 3 excuses 
      • for it to be considered redeemable for each of the three excuses write a paragraph of why you forgot, in Spanish signed and dated
      • I strongly discourage the use of these excuses as you only have but three, and no more
      • Or you can just turn in your homework on time so you won't have to forfeit :)


  • Multiple Choice
  • Written
  • Oral
    • Can be redeemable


Study guides

  • Will be provided
  • I encourage you to use any Spanish resource available online
    • and if you find sources that are wonderful and will be helpful to the class, please email them to me so I can post them in the link section on your syllabus.

Bonus Points!!! 

  • Bonus points are added up at the end of the year to help you raise your class
  • If you show that you are really...
    • willing to learn
    • paying attention
    • improving your grades tby using the bonus points/Vocab activity/participation in class etc. you MAY have a letter grade boost. 
  • This really depends on your effectiveness in learning, your daily communication with me and importantly paying attention.