Cool Links to "Check Out"   nuff said  a vocabulary game that not only builds your vocab skills but feeds the world's hungry!  "movie" trailers for books made by students like you -- maybe we can make some!  then click on "Noodle Bib Express" for access to a cool and easy to use website for creating bibliographies so you can "CITE YOUR SOURCES"  in your papers and projects

Wanna watch a cool documentary or bio??  Ok, well, maybe you don't WANT to but let's say you have to write a paper or do a project on Roberto Clemente or climate change you can watch AND learn by going to  and click on "Watch Video" and choose the one you want (or have) to watch and ENJOY!  (P.S. if you use any of the info you learn be sure to CITE YOUR SOURCE  using noodle bib express Wink!)

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