Supply List

Mrs. O’s 2nd Grade Supply List



Individual Student Supplies


1 small pencil box with the following inside:

·      2 large flat erasers

·      2 colored ink pens (for self-grading)

·      2 dry-erase markers

·      an old, clean sock to use as a dry-erase eraser

·      1 pair of scissors, round tip

·      3 glue sticks

·      1 box of 24 count crayons/ colored pencils


1 spiral notebook


3 folders


12” ruler with US customary & metric system


Classroom / Shared Supplies

20 - #2 Pencils (preferably Ticonderoga brand, they sharpen easily & perfectly!)

2 packages of 3-ring wide-ruled paper  (bring 1 package, keep 1 at home for homework!)

1 box of unscented facial tissue

** Clorox wipes 

** Pump-bottle hand sanitizer

** Not required, but very much appreciated!


A Note About Backpacks:

There are small amounts of space to store student's jackets and bags. The large backpacks with wheels do not fit into the student's spaces. If possible, please do not purchase this type of backpack. Thank you!