Behavior Management

Miss Birazzi's classroom has various ways to manage behavior.  Throughout the year, classroom rewards are given to encourage and reinforce positive behavior! yes


Marble Jar  

As the class completes tasks quietly and efficiently, I will reward the students with a marble in the jar.  Students will receive marbles for staying on task, working quietly, following directions, ect.  When the jar is full students will have a choice from the following:

  • Pajama Day
  • Pizza Party
  • Movie of choice
  • Extra Recess


Stop Light Behavior Chart  

Using a pocket chart, each student will have their own pocket containing a green, yellow, and red card.  Everyday students will begin with a green card, if a students does not follow the classroom rules or directions from the teacher he or she will be asked to change their card.  At the end of the day, their card will be sent home in their take home folder with an explanation of behavior.  Parents are required to sign the behavior explanation if a student recieves a red card.  If a student receives two or  more red cards by the end of the week a parent conference is needed.  If you have any questions in regards to the stoplight behavior plan do not hesitate to ask


Birazzi Bucks!

To reinforce positive behavior, the students will receive bucks.  For example, a student who is reading quietly will receive a buck.  At the end of the month, students can cash in their bucks for prizes, homework passes, or extra recess depending on the amount of bucks they earn.




1) Verbal Warning

2)Stay in for recess

3)Contact Parent/Guardian 

4)Sent to the office

**There will be no weapons or physical touching allowed in the classroom.  Students who break this rule will be recieve the most severe consequence. (Severe Clause)

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phone use during school hours in prohibited.  I understand the importance of staying in contact with your child throughout the day, but cell phones can be a distraction to learning.  Students should turn cell phones off before school.  Parents are more than welcome to contact the school to communicate with their child during the day.  Cell phones are permitted before and after school on school grounds.  If you have any questions in regards to the cell phone policy please ask!