Parent Involvement

Parent invovlement is very important in the classroom! There are a variety of ways for parents to volunteer their time in our classroom.  At open house, parents will be given a volunteer form.  Please indicate whether you can or cannot volunteer.  Please include time and dates you are available.  The following are oppurtunities for parent invovlement:

Survey Of Volunteer Interests

I am interested in volunteering in the classroom. I’d like to:

 1. Tutor a student

 2. Work with individual student.

 3. Work with small groups of students. 

4. Listen to students read 

5. Translate for students. Language:

 6. Help with teacher’s clerical work.

 7. Prepare materials 

8. Attend field trips 

9. Help students with dramatic performances, special events 

10. Help out in class with art projects, science experiments, etc. 

11. Appear as a guest speaker 

I would like to volunteer in other areas. I’d like to:

 12. Organize or help with school security (bus, school grounds, etc.)

 13. Building maintenance

 14. Carpentry

 15. Gardening or yard work

 16. Work in school library

 17. Photograph school activities

 18. Videotape school activities

 19. Provide transportation to parents for: conferences, events, etc. 

20. Type or do clerical work

 21. Prepare newsletters

 22. Prepare posters, displays, etc.

 23. Do copying and laminating

 24. I am interested in working with children on computers and supervising children while they surf the World Wide Web on the Internet.