Third Grade Thoughts

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Our Schedule


Subject Information

7:45              Students Enter and Get Ready for the day
8:00-10:00     The Daily 3-Shared Reading, Guided Reading, Independent Reading
10:00-11:00    Math Block
11:01-11:31       Lunch
11:31-12:20     Writing Block
12:20-1:10       Special Area
1:10-1:40          Ticket To Read
1:40-1:50         Read Aloud                 
1:50-                 Planner/Homework Assignments
1:55                   Dismiss
Homework:  We will have homework every Monday-Thursday.  It should take no more than 30 minutes and that includes nightly reading.  All books read at home need to be recorded in our Book Log and returned when the page is completed.  Then students will recieve a new page.  This is ongoing through out the year.  AR books are encouraged, but any other books from the library or home are perfectly fine!
AR Books:  There is no set amount of AR books required each week.  However, each student has a goal to reach each nine weeks.  If students meet their goal, they will recieve AR rewards.
                                                            1st - Giant candy bar
                                                            2nd -Pancake breakfast
                                                            3rd -Pie in the teacher's face!!
                                                            4th- Pizza party
Spelling:  Each week we will have spelling words.  In third grade spelling is memorizing, so written homework will be given on Monday.  Thursday night is for studying for the test on Friday.  Otherwise, if your child is one who needs to study each night to be ready for Friday's test,  please do that every night.