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Download, install, and activate Microsoft Word to aid yourself in your basic productivity tasks. To do that, you need to follow the following steps. Commence your download, installation, and activation procedures by visiting and signing into your Microsoft personalized account.


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Nearly every industry in this world needs Microsoft Office for some intents and purposes. It helps all corporate professionals, artists, writers, students, professors, doctors, accountants, designers, etc. It was designed and developed by Bill Gates-led Microsoft Office, which has reached soaring heights of success since 1988. The most basic tools of Microsoft Office suite include Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel.


How to Download Microsoft Office


  1. The first step of download is to log in to your Microsoft account. Suppose you have already purchased your product, head over to, and sign in to your account. You can also try visiting
  2. Only use the synchronized account.
  3. The synchronized account could be of any type. It could be a Microsoft personal account, work account, or even a student account. So, depending upon your preference of the account, you can follow the procedures given below:


Microsoft Account


  • Use your browser to head over to the homepage of Microsoft Office.
  • Find your Microsoft Office toolkit. Kindly ensure that it has all the applications promised by Microsoft. 
  • Press the "Install" or "Install Office" button to begin the download process. The "Install" or "Install Office" option will vary depending upon the browser in your system.


Work or School Account


  • Go to the homepage of Microsoft Office and press the "Install Office" option. If you are using a different browser, you must visit the page:
  • Proceed to press the option titled "Office 365 apps" to initiate the download.
  • The installation process will thus be completed.


How to Install Microsoft Office


  1. Now, based upon the type of browser you are using for internet surfing, you can choose to use "Run" (for Internet Explorer), "Setup" (for Google Chrome), or "Save File" (for Mozilla Firefox).
  2. A prompt of User Account Control (UAC) will emerge on the screen. Proceed to click on the "Yes" option.
  3. Then, the installation prompt will arrive on your screen. Follow the instructions carefully and complete the installation process.
  4. It is always recommended by cyber experts that a user should not hamper the installation process in order to ensure the smooth running of the device.
  5. Your device will notify you with a phrase once your installation process gets finished. Beyond this point, you can proceed to terminate the installation window.


How to Activate Microsoft Office


  1. Proceed to open any of the Microsoft applications available on your system.
  2. Once the application launches, proceed with the activation procedure; if you have the activation code, kindly provide it in the specified field.
  3. Carefully read all the terms in the license agreement.
  4. Activate your product.                                          
  5. Your Microsoft Office toolkit will be ready to work on.


How to Redeem Product and to Activate Microsoft Office Afterwards


The following procedures are applicable for both subscription (Microsoft 365) and non-subscription (Office 2019) mode of the Microsoft Office.

If you have bought a physical package of Microsoft Office, and you wish to redeem a product key that has come along with the package, then you can freely proceed to follow the following steps before you can start activating your product.

You can also get an activation code if you buy the product through some seller on the internet. In such instances, the activation code will be provided to you via email or through the receipt. In any case, the following steps will systematically guide you in redeeming your product key.

  1. Visit or
  2. Sign in to your account or create a new one by activating your Microsoft credentials.
  3. After signing in, you will be asked to provide your code in the instructed field. Kindly provide your code with care so that you do not enter any false keys.
  4. Kindly keep in mind that we need to redeem the activation key only in one instance.
  5. After providing your activation key, you can straightaway head towards launching a Microsoft application and activating your product. Launch any application such as Microsoft Word, accept all the terms in the license agreement, and then follow all the commands of the activation window, which would emerge on the screen.


How to Get Language Accessory Pack for Microsoft Office


First of all, let us understand what language accessory packs are. These are basically packs of tools that introduce additional display tools, aiding tools, and proofing tools to make your work even better.


Step 1: Initiate the Installation for Language Accessory Pack


Before proceeding to install, select the version of Microsoft Office you are using, locate the language drop-down menu, and hit on the language, you know how to work with. Then, select the software architecture you are currently operating on (be it a 32-bit or 64-bit architecture). You can use the download links to get the architecture you need.

Suppose you are uncertain which version of Microsoft Office you are currently working on, kindly proceed to head over to the site:


Step 2: Setup the Microsoft Office Language


  1. In the aftermath of installing the latest language accessory pack, proceed to configure Office for the language preference you want to work with your Microsoft Office applications. Follow the commands mentioned below to get the language you need for your system.
  2. Proceed to launch any Microsoft Office application.
  3. After the application is launched, select "File," then go to "Options" and then "Language."
  4. Select the option titled "Office Display Language," and kindly ensure that the display language you want to prefer for your Office application is given in the list.
  5. Select the language you want to use for authoring.
  6. If you want to alter any default language settings, kindly visit the section "Set the Office Language Preference" dialog box and change the settings according to your preference. For more information, you are always free to visit


Frequently asked questions



How do I install Microsoft Office?

1 - Visit the Microsoft Office website
2 - Sign in to your Microsoft Office account.
3 - Click on the ‘’Install Office’’ option from the home page.
4 - Now, run the file and save it.


How do I set up Microsoft 365 personal?

1 - Open the Microsoft Office website,
2 - Sign into a Microsoft Office account.
3 - Tap on the ‘’Install Office.’’
4 - Run the file and accept the license agreement to set up the file.


Where to enter your Microsoft Office product key?

1 - Go to the official website of Microsoft Office,
2 - Login to your Microsoft account.
3 - Enter your product key and discover more apps.


How to Change your Microsoft Office product key?

1 - Open your Office app and go to the ‘’File’’ menu.
2 - Select the ‘’Account’’ option. 
3 - Choose the ‘’Change License’’ under the ‘’Product Information.’’
4 - Enter your product key.
5 - Click on the ‘’Install this product instead.’’


How do I upgrade Microsoft Office?

1 - Go to the Microsoft Office website,
2 - Log In to your Microsoft account.
3 - Purchase the subscription to the latest version.