Technical parameters of API 5L Seamless Pipe:

API 5L Seamless Pipe is utilized in passing on water, oil and gas. API 5L ERW Pipe is likewise appropriate to use inflammable gas, petroleum processing plants and water gracefully frameworks. 


There are two distinctive item determination levels PSL1 and PSL2 of API 5L Pipe that have a diverse piece and mechanical properties.


The PSL 1 and PSL 2 additionally have various prerequisites according to the testing, certification and detectability when bought. SR4 and SR15.1 testaments are required for PSL2 where they are discretionary for the buyer with PSL1.


The technical parameters of API 5L X42 are as follows,

  • It has a standard of API SPEC 5L
  • Applications: Line pipe
  • Special pipe: These are of two types. One is regular and the other is a special thick-walled steel pipe. This thickness can be a maximum of amount 60mm and a minimum of 4mm.
  • This is made by using the process called Hot rolled. This process is also called as Hot expanded.
  • The length can be customized based on the users need.
  • The diameter of the pipe can start at around 114 mm and the maximum cannot exceed 914 mm.


Hot and cold rolled seamless pipes:


This is normally used for seamless pipes with a smaller diameter of 25mm or lower.

By using hot-rolled manufacturing process, a pipe of utmost 508mm can be made.



With very less cost for the materials, and uniform production methods it is one of the most efficient methods used in oil and gas line pipe industries.



API 5L X52 wrap seamless and welded pipes to transmit oil, gas, natural oil and petrochemical manufacturing. API 5L seamless pipes are available in multiple carbon steel form like Grade B, X42, X46, X52, X56, X60, X70 AND IN PSL1 or PSL2 specification levels.

Criteria:- API 5L X65 pipes may be distinguished according to their multiple criteria.


  • Execution: seamless or welded
  • Surface finish: black, varnish painted, anti rust oil, galvanized, coated externally  or lined internally.
  • Ends type: plain, beveled, threaded ends.

In the 46th edition of specification 5L there are reflective of API’s standards program mission to provide a forum for development of consensus based industry standards and technical cooperation to improve the industry’s safety performance and competitiveness.


Benefits: The main benefits of API 5L pipes are:

  • Resistance to crack forces that may spread in long pipelines
  • Sour service suitability.
  • Rather inexpensive and long service life.
  • All types of liquid and airy transportation are available in API 5L pipes.
  • In the API 5L specification, there are requirements for both non destructive testing and hydro testing.
  • It maintains the composite Index of approved manufacturers.
  • It requires off shore application.
  • It is generally clearer about the limits on dimensional divination.
  • It can generally be multicertified.

So API 5L Seamless Pipe has lot of benefits in different industry.