Classroom Procedures

-Arrive on time and in your seat before the bell

-Bring the necessary materials (pencil, binder, assignment)

-Put assignment from the previous day on desk-Start on warm-up activity 

Behavioral Expectations

-Follow school rules-Show respect to peers, teacher, and classroom materials-Remain on task and in your seat during class (no disruptions)-Follow directions-Raise hand to speak or get the attention of the teacher 

Consequences for not following Procedures or not meeting Expectations

-Verbal Reminder -Extra time spent with the teacher in the classroom to assure that the student understands what is expected of them. This could take place between classes, during lunch, or before and after school.-Office referral-Parent meetings will be arranged or phone calls made if a problem persists. 


-Verbal praise-If students perform exceptionally well, positive notes or phone calls may occur.-Whole-class rewards