Maximize your Math Class

Binder:A three ring binder will be used to organize loose-leaf paper, handouts, and graded papers (you should have three sections).  Any notes, warm-ups or assignments completed on notebook paper will go in the first section.  Handouts will be kept in the second section and any graded assignment will go in the third section.  Students will be given a grade at the end of the nine-weeks for having the appropriate documents organized in their binder. Extra copies of handouts can be found in the extra paper file (on the counter near the window). Absences: If you do need to miss class please try to make your absence known in advance if possible.  When an absence occurs a student should check the absentee homework box in the front lobby.  Homework assignments can also be found on the district website. Students can collect the information missed and ask fellow students or the teacher for help if needed.  If a student is absent when an assignment is due then it is their responsibility to turn that assignment in upon their return to school and also to complete any work they missed. Make-ups for tests/quizzes will not occur during class, another time must be arranged.  The student has the number of days they missed to make up the grade.   It is the students’ responsibility to make up missed work!  Tests missed can be found on the bulletin board on the back under make-up work. Homework:Homework is given to help students review what is happening in class. Some homework assignments will be graded.  Students are expected to complete homework on a regular basis whether it is graded or not. 


Extra credit opportunities will be posted on the bulletin board.  In most cases extra credit will consist of a weekly challenge problem that students can try at home worth 1 extra point.   I encourage students to find examples of mathematics in our everyday lives.  If a student comes across and interesting article or situation and can relate this to our class or mathematics, they can earn extra credit for their insightfulness by writing a (one page double spaced) descriptive report about their mathematical encounter. This opportunity can earn students at most 10 points and can be completed once a nine-week period.


Tips to maximizing your math grade:

Show work if the problem says show workExplain if the problem says explainLabel the answers with units if appropriatePay attentionTake great notesDon’t give up – keep tryingPut your name on EVERYTHING – minus 5 ptsAsk questionsAsk for extra practiceComplete homework


Grading Policy:

A student is expected to keep track of their grades on a score tracker in their binder.  The class will keep track of total points together. Students can confirm their grade with the teacher. Power School can be accessed to view student grades.   Final Grades are determined by taking the total number of points earned divided by the total number of possible points. Assessment will be based on individual effort on tests, quizzes, class activities, projects, homework, and binders.  The grading scale is unanimous throughout the district. Have Fun and Ask for Help:If you need help … just ask!   ATTIUDE is EVERYTHING ~ stay positive J Extra help will be offered at 7:00am before school upon request of students who need additional instruction. Arrangements to meet after school can also be made. Homeroom is a time when students can stop in room 208 to ask questions.