Mrs. Oldknow's Class

 Upcoming News:

Well, I have created a new website. It's up and running, please check it out. I'm not going to be updating this one anymore.  You can check out the new site at...


The Weekly Schedule:
Monday: P.E.
Tuesday: P.E.
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Art

*We do not go to specials on early release days!*

Every Tuesday we will be going to the school library.  Your child is going to be allowed to check out 2 books and it'll be due the next Tuesday.  Please make sure your child returns his/her book(s) so he/she can check out new ones.

Every Thursday we will be going to the computer lab.  Here we will be able to do research, learn new things, like reading, and typing.  My links page has some of the places we'll be visiting this year like, and 

       I really hope that you find this website useful and you check it weekly.  If you have comments,. questions, or concerns with this site, please contact me at  Thank you and enjoy a great year!! :o)

Here is a little about me:
         My name is Christine Oldknow. I was born and raised in Michigan. I have lived there all my life until September of 2007.  September of 2007 I moved from my home in Michigan to start a new home here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am now about to finish up my second year here at Desert Mountain.  It has been memorable and so well worth it.
        I have been married for 5 years, it will be 6 in May.  I have one dog who is 4 years old. Her name is Bella.  She is a Finnish Spitz mix. We also have a puppy who is 5 months old.  She is a border collie mix and her name is Joy.  Right now I have had a total of 70 children (20 from my first year, 24 from last year and 26 this year!)  :) As for my husband and I having children, right now we do not.    
       We got our first house here in Arizona back in January.  We are very excited.  It has a back yard for our dogs and a couple of extra rooms for when family from out of state come to visit. 
        I graduated from Spring Arbor University (SAU) in May of 2005. It's a small, private school in Michigan.  I graduated with honors.  I am very involved in our church that we attend (Emmaus Road). I like to play my flute and do puzzles in my spare time.  I enjoy taking my dog for walks, and hiking up the mountains (especially since there are nothing like that in Michigan).  I enjoy knitting, sunsets, sunrises (when I can get up to see them lol), and landscaping that is breath taking.  My most favorite thing to do is hang out with my family! :)
          Well, this is me in a nut shell! :)