Our district recognizes the importance of homework as a vital part of the learning of essential skills taught in the classroom.



  • To extend learning by practicing applied concepts presented in the classroom.
  • To increase skills through working independently.
  • To develop responsibility, self direction and organizational skills.
  • To reinforce and practice skills of academic material.
  • To collect evidence of student understanding.



  • Assignments support classroom instructional objectives.
  • Assignments are well defined and clear to the student.
  • Every homework assignment will be accounted for
  • Homework will not be assigned on Fridays.
  • Teacher will reserve the right to grade homework that is assigned for students to show they have learned the skills or information. Teacher will notify students prior to an assignment if the homework is to be graded.
  • Teachers will encourage students to have an assignment notebook to record daily assignments.
  • Make-up work will be assigned to the student upon his/her return to school after the student confers with the teacher to determine their needs.


Time devoted to learning is related to achievement.  Homework, therefore, is important in a student's overall success!!



The time allotment to homework should increase gradually from grade to grade. The following is a list of approximate daily time allotments (may vary according to the child)

  • Grades K-2: 10-30 minutes
  • Grades 3-4: 30-45 minutes
  • Grade 5: Up to 60 minutes


*** These times are approximate. Individual needs will be taken into consideration. I request that problems/concerns be communicated to me.




  • The resources available to pupils should influence the amount and nature of the homework assigned.
  • If a student is unable to complete an assignment due to lack of understanding of the work, the parent is encouraged to write a note/email to the teacher explaining why the assignment was not completed. The teacher will explain further, after which the student can be expected to complete the assignment




  • Making homework meaningful to the student requires cooperation and communication among the teachers, students and parents.




  • Be aware of assignments and seek further explanation if needed.
  • Organize his/her time to work on assignments.
  • Turn assignments in on time.
  • Turn in assignments reflecting high standards of quality and completeness.



While the student should assume the major responsibility for completing homework assignments, parents are encouraged to take an active interest in the student's homework by:

  • Providing a study area that is quiet, comfortable and free of major disturbances.
  • Providing a definite time for study or other activities.
  • Making available, if possible, such resource materials as reference books, magazines, newspapers and a dictionary.
  • Assisting students with drill.
  • Checking the student's work for neatness and legibility. (Primary students should use pencils for written work.)
  • Arranging with the teacher for limited homework assignments when the child's individual learning needs necessitate it.



Homework assignments will be a very effective means of increasing your child’s learning.  I believe a well-planned program of homework activities provides opportunities for home and school to work together.  Both play a vital role to providing quality education for students.









In evaluating the performance of pupils in a given subject area, the teacher takes into account tests, daily work, classroom participation, oral and written reports, projects, as they relate to the course objectives.

Grades 3 - 5

S = Satisfactory progress
N = Needs improvement
U = Unsatisfactory

Grades 3-5 Core Content Key:

A= Excellent (92-100%)
B= Above Average (83-91%)
C= Satisfactory (74-82%)
D= Below Average (65-73%)
F= Unsatisfactory (Below 65%)

Students in grades 3-5 will receive a comprehensive report card at the end of each marking period providing information to parents about the student's performance level, achievement, work-study habits, attitude and behavior, attendance, and any other comments the teacher may wish to make.

The codes for marking the achievement section (for integrated language arts, mathematics, science, social studies and health) in grades 3-5 are as follows:

  • A = Outstanding Achievement. The pupil has mastered the objectives in the subject area, shows initiative, applies knowledge gained to new situations, and accepts responsibility for learning.
  • B = Above Average (High) Achievement. The pupil has mastered most of the objectives in the subject area, is above average in initiative, application of knowledge, and accepting responsibility for learning.
  • C = Satisfactory Achievement. The pupil has mastered the basic objectives in the subject area and with direction and stimulation by the teacher is progressing in initiative, application of knowledge and accepting responsibility for learning.
  • D = Below Average (Needs Improvement in) Achievement. The pupil has mastered few of the basic objectives in the subject area.
  • F = Unsatisfactory Achievement. The pupil has not mastered the basic objectives in the subject area.

Only letter grades will appear on report cards.




Regular attendance is a critical factor for academic success. Consistent school attendance, academic success, and school completion have a constructive correlation. Since school is a partnership, parents are expected to make sure their children attend school on a regular basis.

We believe the ultimate success of the school attendance is determined by the quality of the school culture. Our school culture is driven by all school staff creating a positive atmosphere in a school.  We feel the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs exhibited by all school staff, students, parents, and community workers affords us opportunities for all to learn.



Excused absences, tardiness, and early departure from school due to: 

     • Personal illness

• Illness or death in the family

• Impassable roads or weather

• Religious observance

• Quarantine

• Required court appearances

• Attendance at health facilities

• Medical

 **All absences, tardiness, and early departures from school must be accounted for. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to notify the school office within 24 hours of a absence, tardiness, and early departures.



General School Policies

Safety and Transportation

To assure all students' safety, we ask you to please observe the following policies and procedures. All doors of the building are locked at all times. Please enter and exit the building at the main entrance. Sign in and out at the main office and wear a visitor's badge while visiting. 


School begins at 8:05 AM. Walkers should arrive at 7:55 AM and wait in the front of the building. 

If your child arrives late to school, please sign him/her in at the main office.


Dismissal will be at 2:20 PM. We encourage all children to ride the bus to and from school, but parents who need to pick up their children must be at school no later than 2:10 PM. There will be a sign out at the main office. You will be asked to sign your child out each and every day. If someone other than the parent will be picking up your child, a note must be sent to school each time with the name of the person and we may ask for ID to assure the proper person will be taking your child.

If an emergency arises during the school year and your child needs to be dropped off at a different location or if you need to pick-up your child from school, you must notify us in writing in the AM. 

Bus Passes

When your child needs to be dropped off at a different location in the PM a bus pass must be sent into school in the AM. I cannot stress enough how important that the bus pass be complete with the name and address of the location your child is to be dropped off. Saying, "send my child to grandma's house or Jill’s house" is not enough information. We need an exact address.

Last minute phone calls to change a dropped off location are not allowed. A bus pass must be filled out and be within the district's boundaries and must be submitted in writing to the main office.