Batroun old Souk

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For The Style Of The Greek Island: Tahet El Rih, Anfeh

In the northern region of Lebanon, just over an hour from Beirut, this small town of Koura is adorned with gleaming whites with bright blue accents, as well as small windmills, reminiscent of the Little Venice of Mykonos. Water also has the same crystalline qualities, but do not expect the same party atmosphere. What you will get, however, are a variety of delicious small cafes with seafood mezze, sea views and access to the beach. Here you can enjoy Sea food in Batroun.

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For The Inheritance Of Lebanon: Byblos / Jbeil

A little over 40 km north of Beirut, Byblos, known as Jbeil in Arabic, fulfills a series of boxes with beautiful beaches and a lot of heritage (not a big surprise, as it is believed that a room of approximately seven millennia it is one of the longest in the world). A beach near the crusader castle underscores the appeal of Byblos as a holiday destination with a history. Splashed with beach chairs and umbrellas, this public beach is ideal for a more relaxed moment, but if you are looking for a party atmosphere, reserve on C Flow's sun lounger. There is lots of Activities in Batroun to do.

For Nature: Palm Islands Nature Reserve

Trio of islands about five kilometres from the coast of Tripoli, this protected area is a refuge for migratory birds, endangered green turtles and rare monk seals. The Rabbit Island (or Nakheel Island) is the largest and most perfect for a day on the beach in the soft white sand that lies under the cabins facing the palm trees, the path that runs through thousands of palm trees or a snorkeling excursion in crystalline waters. No frills (there are no restaurants or shops other than kiosks with some water and soft drinks), this is the place for those seeking peace and abundant nature.

For Chic Beach Clubs: Batroun

While the pebble and rocky beaches here are some of the cleanest in Lebanon, this city, about an hour's drive from Beirut, is so well known for its elegant atmosphere and lively nightlife. You can make a public beach here, but to really get into the Batroun old Souk, try one of its many beach clubs. Whitewashed Orchid Lounge, perched on rocks that dominate the clear Mediterranean, is a luxury enclave where guests can rent private terraces, enjoy spa treatments and even take a bath in "floating" jacuzzis. The Pierre and Friends, a more relaxed restaurant and sailing club, sits on a pebble beach and the wooden bar overlooking the sea is one of the must-see beach experiences of the country.

Ramlet al-Baida, Beirut

This is Beirut's only public beach located at the southern end of the capital's cornice, backed by modern towers and with easy access to the exclusive Ras Beirut neighborhood. For a city break to the beach that offers a bit more privacy, booking at one of the beach resorts in the city is the way to go.