How Does Page Experience Help User Experience?


How Does Page Experience Help User Experience?


Page experience is the measure of the experience that your users get with a webpage on your website. This measure will be used as a ranking factor for the website. It is therefore essential for you to make sure that you improve the page experience, and this will, in turn, improve the overall user experience.

User experience is essential because it’s what keeps the users engaged with your website. It keeps them browsing your content, and this increases the chances of them taking actions on your website, such as buying or subscribing.

Make sure that you improve your user experience by fulfilling the page experience requirements. When you do this, your customers will enjoy the following benefits:

The Pages will Load Fast

People love it when web pages load extremely fast. Most people are always in a rush to get a quick answer, and when your page does not load fast, they will click away and move to the following website.

Make sure that your page loads fast by optimising the images and content.

Mobile Experience

A considerable number of website users are on mobile. Therefore, you should make sure that your web pages are correctly optimised for mobile devices.

Consider the text size and readability; the buttons should not be too small or too large for a mobile screen. The content and other website elements should not overlap, distracting users from quickly consuming the content.

Safe Browsing

Users like it when they are browsing on a safe website. There are significant risks of phishing or social engineering. If your website is free from malicious content then people will love coming back for more which will ultimately boost your ranking.


Your readers will love it when your website is highly accessible. The content should be easy to read. The layout and flow should be consistent. They are allowing users to navigate through the website without distraction from pop ups easily.

In addition to user experience, a good page experience influences SEO. This means that if you optimise your pages, your website will begin to rank higher on search engines. This will increase visibility and allow many visitors to access your business.

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