How To Test Your Page Load Speed

Website speed is very essential when it comes to user experience. If your website is loading slowly, then this can have a great hit on your traffic. Also, nowadays, search engines tend to favour websites with high loading speed.


With this, it is clear that you need a website that loads fast to improve your ranking and achieve your goals. As an Internet marketer, it is good to first determine the loading speed of your website so that you can understand where it needs improvement. If you are wondering about how to test your page loading speed, then this article is going to cover this in detail.


Ways To Test Your Page Load Speed


The following are the simple ways to test page load speed on your website:


  1. Lighthouse

This is a tool that you can use to test the loading speed of your pages. The best thing about the lighthouse is that it is available as a Chrome extension creating ease of access. Also, it provides detailed insight and generates reports regarding SEO, performance and best practices.


  1. PageSpeed Insight

Just like Lighthouse Chrome extension, page speed insight is also a valuable tool to help you evaluate your page speed. The tool also provides additional data to help you determine the areas to improve on.


  1. Test Your Mobile Speed

Most people access websites from a mobile browser nowadays and therefore this tool makes sense to use. It simulates different connections and locations to compare the speed results of your page with those of your competitions. This tool is recommended to help you evaluate user experience in mobile browsing.


  1. GTMetrix

This tool offers detailed technical reports to help improve the loading speed of your website. These details are crucial in dealing with several technical aspects of your website that can influence speed.


Various factors are included in assessing your page loading speed. The website works by first loading HTML content followed by CSS, JavaScript, Assets and external sources. All these need to be optimized for better speed and performance.


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