What Are SEO Keywords?

Nowadays, customers use the internet to look for services and products they need. They use phrases and words to search for these products and services on the search engines.


The search engine companies such as Google shows relevant search results based on customers search through a process called Search Engine Optimisation or SEO.


If you are getting started in SEO, you might have come across the word “keywords” several times.

What are Keywords?

These are the words and phrases that consumers are using to search for products and services on search engines. If you use these keywords on your website, it will help the search engine algorithms to understand what your website or page is all about and help people discover your content.


Therefore, the main use of SEO is knowing the keywords that your target audience use on search engines and correctly use them on various parts of your website pages or blog posts.


There are two main types of keywords, short and long-tail keywords. The short keywords are one or two words long. These keywords tend to attract high search volume but are very competitive.




Long-tail keywords are better compared to short keywords. These are made up of over 3 words. The long tail keywords are not competitive but attract targeted traffic to your website.

How to Choose the Best Keywords for your Website

The keywords you choose to use on your website should be relevant to your industry. In addition, these keywords should have a high search volume and less competition.


To get relevant keywords, use keyword research tools available. These tools will help you discover long tail keywords to use, search volume and competition rate.

Where to Place SEO Keywords

Once you have the keywords, you need to place them on your website. It is recommended that you use one keyword on a page to help search engine crawlers understand what the main focus of the page.


The following are the places where you can place your keywords;

  • URLs
  • Content
  • Meta tags
  • Titles
  • Images

Keywords are a very useful tool in content marketing and advertising. When used correctly, SEO keywords can help you reach several target audience through content marketing.


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