What is Google Panda?

Initially, many SEO marketers were using blackhat SEO marketing strategies to appear in top search results. Most websites were producing many poor quality articles to appear on top results based on popular keywords and search terms.


This caused a huge problem because content creators who had quality content were not been ranked well. In response, Google created Google Panda.


This was the biggest change in Google search algorithms that saw the removal of the websites using wrong strategies to rank on search engines.


Google releases monthly updates on their search algorithms. This causes many low-quality content websites to drop significantly in their search ranking.


Nowadays Google Panda updates are done quietly on regular search algorithms updates by Google.

Search Engine Algorithms

These algorithms determine how Google will show search results in search engines. Google uses software called Google Bot which crawl various websites to determine the quality of content and if it is worth ranking.


As a business, it is important to make sure that your website is following the strict Google ranking guidelines to rank better in search engines. Google Panda aims at rewarding the websites that follow these strict guidelines.

1. Avoid Thin Content

It is always important to create good quality content. Low word count prevents google crawlers from discovering your content.

2. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

This is another issue that gets penalised by Google. This involves hiding or forcing keywords within the content to rank high on search engines.


3. Never Create Irrelevant Content

Never make a mistake of writing content that is irrelevant to the titles you want to optimise for.

4. Show Authority

Google Panda favours website that portrays authority on a certain niche or subject.  

5. Avoid Too Much Affiliate Links

Google emphasis on value addition. Readers need to feel that they have gained value from your content instead of several affiliate links.


Though Google Panda was created in 2011, the algorithm is still the same and as technology advances and the use of Artificial Intelligence, more emphasis is being used for quality Content.


Therefore never compromise the quality of your website. Follow good SEO marketing strategies to stay in a good search engine ranking.


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