I.   Introduction to Course :The main topics that will be covered are as follows:  creation of universe, spheres of the Earth, ecosystem interactions, the human population, pollution, environmental issues and risks, and the relationship between the Earth and society. 

II.  Supplies:  1.  Binder with 3 tab dividers  2.    Loose leaf paper  3.    Pens and pencils 

III.  Assignments/Grades:  Your grade is a result of the following:  1.  Class work activities  2.    Notebook checks    3.    Unit tests  4.    Semester exams.   Late work is accepted only 1 day after the due date.  An automatic deduction of 25% points will occur.  (For example, if you score a 100% on late work, you will score a 75% due to your assignment being late.)  If work is not turned in past the designated late time, you earn a zero.  If you are absent, then you are responsible for notes given and/or unit tests.  Makeup work will be discussed and discussed when you return with your excused absence slip.  Tests will be offered the day you return from your absence with your excused absence slip; however, you may take advantage of the 3-day-rule offered by Caddo Parish School Board.