Math Standards  T1  T2  T3 
 Solves problems in both mathematical and everyday contexts.  X   X   X 
 Communicates mathematical thinking clearly and concisely.  X   X   X 
 Solves equations and analyzes expressions including those involving grouping symbols.  X  
 Represents linear equations using equations, graphs, tables and scenarios.  X  
 Recognizes and writes expressions for linear and non-linear patterns.    X 
 Understands and applies the Pythagorean Theorem.   X  
 Recognizes and writes expressions for exponential patterns.     X
 Applies rules for working with exponents.      X
 Demonstrates an understanding of transformations, congruence and symmetry.    X 
 Creates, interprets and utilizes various tabular and graphical representations of data.     X 


English/Language Arts StandardsT1 T2 T3 
 Reads and comprehends a variety of grade level texts X X X
 Analyzes the elements of literature to demonstrate comprehension  X X X
 Writes with focus, organization, and supporting details  X X X
 Uses standard English conventions in writing, revising, and editing  X X X
 Applies research skills    X

Social Studies Standards T1 T2 T3 
 Explains the development and legacies of the Roman Empire X  
 Describes the origins and achievements of the Byzantine Empire X  
 Describes major developments and achievements of Islamic history X  
 Describes life and the development of early African kingdoms  X 
 Analyzes the development of medieval Europe  X 
 Explains the structure and decline of feudalism  X 
 Analyzes the origina and impact of the Renaissance   
 Explains the origins and impact of the Reformation   
 Analyzes the impact of the Scientific Revolution and European exploration   
 Analyzes historical documents to better understand events X X X
Science Standards  T1  T2  T3 
 Understands the properties of matter X  
 Relates atoms and molecules to elements and compounds  X  
 Distinguishes between mixtures and pure substances X  
 Describes motion in terms of position, direction and speed  X 
 Graphs and interprets distance v. time graphs  X 
 Differentiates between kinetic and potential energy  X 
 Relates transfer of heat energy to particle motion  X 
 Describes heat transfer within Earth's environment   X
 Recognizes the forces that shape Earth's crust   X
 Relates modern geological processes to rock and fossil evidence    X
"X" Denotes the trimester the standard will be addressed.