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We dont mass produce or use automated machines because we believe in individually hand-pouring, scenting, and packaging every candle. Some of these reasons are listed below: Aesthetic value o Focal point of interior dcor, beautiful decorative pieces, great centrepieces during holidays or special events o To make a room feel more comfortable, cosy and sweet-smelling o To create a warm and romantic ambience during dinners or China Knitted Fabric Suppliers while soaking in the bathtub Aromatherapy, relaxation, stress relief o Soothing to the body (nose and brain) o Essential oils produce a healing aroma o Helps a person unwind o Provides a calming sense of wellbeing and peace of mind o Some natural scents from essential oils subtly help in relieving migraine headaches and indigestion Great gift ideas for all occasions o Widely acceptable and highly appreciated o Gifts: holiday 76%, housewarming 74%, dinner party 66%, thank you 61% Odour neutralisers o To get rid of bathroom stink o To mask odours in the kitchen o To remove strong, unpleasant smells in certain places such as pet food storage, kennels, and feeding areas Religious or ritual purposes The Art of Burning Candles Properly and Safely Candles are safe products but they can be a safety risk when not properly used or attended to. Contact us today and lets discuss which scents and candles suit your needs. Scented candles are a favourite because it can be used in almost every room in the house as well as spa centres, hotels, and other public areas. o Use specifically designed candleholders which are heat-resistant. o Do not extinguish candles with water to avoid wax splatter and breaking glass. Its our way of sharing our passion and appreciation for trusting in us and our luxury candles.

The scent, colour, cost and shape of candles are important factors consumers consider when they buy candles; majority of them say that fragrance is the most important characteristic in their candle selection. o Remove wax dripping from candleholders by running hot water over them or placing them in the freezer. o Place candleholders on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Never leave them unattended.The U. Thats why we use only natural materials and methods to be true to our family philosophy. Like everything else, they can last longer when they are properly cared. o Keep burning candles at least 3 inches apart from each other. Youll know that a candle is properly and safely burning when you see a calm and steady flame, when there is no flickering or smoke, and when there are no flare ups or leaping flames. o Keep burning candles away or far from anything that easily catches fire, such as draperies, books, papers, beddings, etc. o Avoid placing candles in areas where they are directly exposed to sunlight or harsh indoor lights. What Can Candles Do for You? The steady increase in candle purchases is due to several factors. o Never use a knife or sharp object to remove wax dripping from candleholders. o Extinguish candles after 2 hours of burning, trim the wick, and let the wax cool down before re-lighting. o Keep candles away from childrens and pets reach. o Use a dry or water-dampened piece of nylon or soft cloth to rub and clean a candles surface. . National Candle Association reports that annual retail sales of candles are estimated at $2billion. Candle Care o Store candles in a cool, dark and dry place. o Remove wick debris, dirt and other objects that may have fallen into the candles wax pool. If youre looking to buy online candles with soothing fragrances and naturally manufactured, then visit us at Wyck Luxury Candles. Naturally Made Candles for You At Wyck Luxury Candles, we aim to provide you with the best ingredients for your candles great for your senses and friendly to our environment. Approximately, more than 1 billion pounds of wax are used annually to produce candles; 75-80% of this is made into scented candles. o Extinguish burning candles a couple of inches before they burn all the way down. o Burn candles in a well-ventilated room. o Trim wicks to inch before lighting the candle.S. o Keep burning candles away from drafts, vents, fans, etc. Here are some candle safety rules and simple, practical and common sense tips to preserve your candles life: Candle Safety o Keep burning candles within sight.