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Air Purifiers for Home and Office

The Air Corp. association suggests buying a room cleaner and humidifier for cars at low prices. We have a wide range of devices that can effectively solve the problem of air purification from smoke, dust, bacteria and various allergens. A wide choice of products will improve the quality of life, make your stay at home, at work, in a car pleasant, comfortable and keep you healthy. Specialists from our company will help you choose the best ionizer, humidifier, and cleaner and will always be happy to answer any question, swinging this type of technology. 

Air cleaning from dust
If you decide to buy an air purifier for your home, for example, for a nursery, it is best to choose a low-power device with the possibility of round-the-clock operation and with night mode. Then the child’s sleep will not be disturbed by anything. The baby will sleep even stronger, as the device will create the perfect atmosphere. If you refer to our catalog of air purifiers for a child's room, you will see that there are several devices here that provide the cleanest atmosphere, not contaminated with dust, impurities, odors, dust, and pollen. Also, the site has a forum where our customers, who have already bought various cleaners, leave their feedback.

Naturally, the cleaner and humidifier for the home are necessary not only for those who have children. For example, household appliances that clean the air will provide an excellent mood for homemakers. We have for you an ionic device that eliminates the smells of preparing baked, boiled, fried foods. Hazardous particles flying in the air during cooking, linger in the body of the invention, decompose there and neutralize. Modern photocatalytic air purifiers are considered very efficient and cost-effective methods. 

Modern photocatalytic air purifier from tobacco smoke can destroy particles up to 0.001 microns in size, that is, invisible to the human eye! Since the problem of smoking is extremely relevant, the device is in demand in many institutions. It perfectly cleans the air from tobacco smoke and an ultrasonic cleaner, its price for a home or office is very reasonable, and you can easily purchase such a device to create a pleasant microclimate indoors. You can also order industrial cleaners from us, which are currently in high demand from companies in various fields of activity.

When choosing devices with photocatalysis or an ionizer, cleaner, humidifier for an office or home, you can consult with our consultants, who will tell in detail about the characteristics of products and help you make the right choice. 

Car air cleaner

A car cleaner is as essential as a home appliance that creates the perfect microclimate. Especially noteworthy is the humidifier - an air purifier for allergy sufferers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. In order not to get an allergic attack and not lose control of the machine, purchase an ozone cleaner with an ionizer. It will save you from feeling unwell at any time of the year. To create houses, in the car, at work a microclimate at which you do not expose health to danger, all devices presented at us allow. Like the ionizer - air purifier, they.

Air purifiers for home

The principle of operation of all air humidifiers (air washers) is based on the method of cold evaporation. The air sucked in by the fan hits the plate drums to increase the precipitating surface of the water, suspended particles stick to them, and at the same time, the necessary amount of moisture evaporates. Rotating in the sump with water drums are washed. Thus, the air is passed through the water, leaving the smallest particles of dust and other contaminants in the instrument pan and at the same time being saturated with moisture to the norm.

VENTA air washers are designed to be permanently turned on and can work around the clock (for use at night, most devices have a quiet "night" mode).

The main advantage of such cleaner-humidifiers is the absence of purchased replacement filters (ordinary water is used as a filter), which means that after the purchase you will not have to worry about additional investments. The water in the air washers can be used directly from the tap, without prior purification.

 Air washers from VENTA Luftwascher are manufactured in Germany and have a warranty in Russia for ten years if the device was purchased from an authorized Venta dealer, the Design-Comfort ecological salon is a Venta dealer and service center in St. Petersburg.

Cleaners Humidifiers for Home with Replaceable Filters

Such devices for air purification use filters. These cleaners, humidifiers include AOS 1355, AOS 2251 and other tools that use the method of cold evaporation from the surface of a wet screen that requires periodic replacement.

How to choose a humidifier cleaner?

When choosing a cleaner-humidifier, you must:

1) should pay attention to the manufacturer and technician. The safety of people who handle the equipment and are in the same room as it depends on the quality of plastic, coatings and electrical components of the computer. The manufacturers of high-quality and at the same time the environmentally-friendly material can safely be attributed to the German company Venta, whose devices are manufactured exclusively in Germany, the Venta Luftwescher equipment has the Eco-Test of German consumers, there are expert opinions on the efficiency and safety of Venta humidifiers. The warranty on Venta air washers is ten years in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Another representative of the proven technology can be called the Swiss company Air-O-Swiss (warranty on AOS devices is one year).

2) you need to understand in what room you want to use the device. All air humidifiers are designed for a specific area specified in the device description.

Where to buy a humidifier cleaner?

Before you buy a humidifier, make sure that the seller is an authorized dealer of the manufacturer. Otherwise, problems may arise, for example, with warranty repairs or with the quality of the device.

The Eco-Salon Design-Comfort is an authorized dealer for Venta and Air-O-Swiss (AOS, Boneco), which is the key to the best price-performance ratio (including warranty and delivery conditions). In our state, some certified environmentalists will be happy to provide advice on creating a healthy atmosphere in your home.