Cleopatra oil painting

They often wanted to be somebody who is glamorous so it is common to see little girls dressed up like a fairy or a princess. Thus it is usual to see kids ending up on the same costume making it look like Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty have their identical twin sisters. This time, make it different by having a Cleopatra costume for your kids.

A Cleopatra costume is often made from cotton which makes it more comfortable than those made from polyester. This costume usually comes to have already been assembled making it easier to fix. Plus, you do not need to worry about your child losing its parts one by one.

You can also teach your daughter little lessons about history. A few details about Cleopatra's life can arouse your kid's interest, making her more willing to wear the costume. Cleopatra was no ordinary princess; she was a powerful queen who lived during a very important period in history. And because the story behind the character is different from the usual fairy tales, your little girl will certainly be unique.

Taking it from here, Cleopatra is also known to have an extraordinary charm. Her affairs with Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, - who are both powerful rulers - and how their love affair turned  Cleopatra oil painting into a tragedy makes the persona and the Cleopatra costume even more interesting. You can replicate Cleopatra's allure by having a costume for your own. Captivate the crowd the way Cleopatra beguiled Rome.

It would help to explore different Cleopatra looks as she is known to have many styles. You can go for the elegant white sleeveless dress with Egyptian accents in the collar or a more daring two piece that is consisted of a mini skirt and a midrib. If your hair is not straight and you do not have bangs, you can use a wig. Pay attention to your eyes, as Cleopatra is known to put thick eyeliner to make her eyes look like a cat's.

Other accessories that can help you achieve Cleopatra's seductive and sexy look are the headdress, arm bands, long false eyelashes and some jewelries. Consider wearing the appropriate sandals as there were no high heels at her time. Your footwear could be made from any material, just make sure that they are flat. You can also have it decorated with rhinestones for a more intricate detail. If you are wearing the costume for only a short period of time, you can even remove your sandals because walking barefooted was popular during her time.

Costume retailers offer different sets of Cleopatra costume according to size and types. There are costumes for kids, teenagers, full bodied adults and sexy women. Because of its popularity, its wide variety leaves you with never ending choices. Just remember to be creative to unleash the Cleopatra in you.