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Through constant improvement and hone, the JIANGMAN not only scales the peak of skill and quality, but also hone the "heart" with experience. "JIANGMAN" is easy to get' but "JIANGMAN", heart with experience is difficult to obtain.
The real "JIANGMAN" with an unique heart with experience, is accompanied by the physical pain and fatigue but the heart is calm and enjoys .


Innovation links ecological concern to technical pursuit.
Innovation plays as the melody of harmony of human and the nature.
Innovation represents passion and youth, is integration of craftsmanship and artistry, and is the direct reflection of professionalism and successive self-improvement and breakthroughs.
HICON, with permanent inventiveness, specializes in manufacturing of high-precision refrigeration appliance for special purposes and air-conditioning equipment of environment protection, in pursuit of customer-oriented and demand-driven innovation! Every day we witness HICON,s efforts to meet the satisfaction of the customers and the need of the society.