Entertainment Lawyer: How Important Is It to Hire a Lawyer?

Having a basic understanding of the law can often help you understand the different nuances of your industry. For example, drafting an employment contract may look the same no matter what business model you apply.

However, it is true that a few industries that are hyper specialized, governed by strict laws and regulations require a professional’s assistance. A lawyer knowledgeable enough in these rules can protect you from pitfalls common to your industry and any potential issues you might encounter.

One of the best examples of this is an entertainment lawyer. Entertainment lawyers assist clients in the entertainment industry with the creation or negotiation of contracts and litigation the case may require. In some cases, lawyers may also act as recruiters and assist with finding employment. However, these people aren’t necessarily lawyers in the traditional sense, but rather individuals with experience in the field who act more like agents.

Role of Entertainment Lawyers in Business

Entertainment lawyers play a critical role in your business daily. Their work on behalf of your organization is essential to ensuring that you and your employees are protected as your business develops.

What exactly does an entertainment lawyer do?

When they work with you, they’ll address the following:

  1. Draft of development and production contracts for various industries, as well as assistance in negotiating terms and making adjustments to contractual agreements so that both parties can reach a fair deal
  2. Establishing and negotiating distribution agreements for an array of entertainment projects
  3. Prepare the required forms for certain projects within your industry (location releases, appearance releases, license agreements, etc.)
  4. During the contract drafting or negotiation phases, and if anyone is suspected of being in breach of a contract, our attorneys analyze existing contracts to answer our clients’ questions or support them in litigation.
  5. Establishing contracts for grants, sponsorships, loans, and other forms of funding
  6. Assisting clients to connect with the specialists they should seek to obtain the support they need to move ahead more successfully (this is the case with entertainment lawyers whose experience is more general).
  7. Developing relationships between unions and clients.
  8. Individuals or companies seeking their help should be able to protect their intellectual property.
  9. Assisting clients in their day-to-day operations by providing general advice

How To Hire an Entertainment Lawyer

You can find a good entertainment attorney by asking yourself two simple questions. First, what field should my entertainment lawyer be working in? Second, what specific task do I need help with?

You should hire a contract lawyer who has extensive experience drafting, negotiating, and litigating contract agreements within the entertainment industry if you are in the initial stages of hiring someone.

The next step is to search for the right lawyer for your case (those with extensive experience in their area, a reasonable clientele base, an excellent academic foundation, etc.) and bring them on board.

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