Understanding Trademarks and Its Benefits

The purpose of this guide is to explain what Trademark Registration is and its benefits.



If your product or service cannot stand out from the crowd, people might choose to work with a person or company that is easier for them to notice. To succeed in business, you must send the right message and create the right image.

Trademarks are signs or combinations of signs used or proposed to be used by a person to identify the product or service they sell.

There are several kinds of trademarks, including:

  1. An ordinary trademark
  2. A certification mark

Trademarks are often confused with patents, copyrights, industrial designs, and integrated circuit topographies, all of which are forms of intellectual property.

However, these forms of intellectual property differ significantly:

  1. In the case of trademarks, they are a combination of words, sounds, designs, tastes, colors, textures, scents, moving images, three-dimensional shapes, package designs, or holograms used to distinguish the goods or services of one person from those of another.
  2. Patents cover an invention that is new and useful (products, compositions, machines, processes) or any improvement to an existing invention that is new and useful.
  3. The art protects works of literature, art, drama, and music (including computer programs) and other aspects of their production, including performances, sound recordings, and communications signals.
  4. Applied to a finished item, industrial designs are defined as shapes, configurations, patterns, or ornaments.
  5. In integrated circuit products or layout designs, topographies represent the three-dimensional architecture of electronic circuits.

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