Mr. Gast

                                           Oriole Math 

Hello Orioles.  For the parents I have not spoken with I would like to introduce myself.  I am Mr. Gast and am and am very happy to be the math teacher for the Orioles.  

We are half way through this school year but still have a lot to accomplish.  Keep up the hard work!

Mr. Gast  


We are starting a new unit on probability.  We will be doing experimental probability in the classroom predicting the outcome of events such as a coin toss.

To practice good habits we will start focusing on clearly showing work and answers.


Homework is assigned almost every night to be turned in the next day.  A homework schedule for this week is posted below.

Monday 3-7-2011

Worksheet 32, Graphs, Percents, and Ratios

Tuesday 3-8-2011

Worksheet ACE questions 1 and 19

Wednesday 3-9-2011

List ways probability is used in real world

Thursday 3-10-2011

Worksheet ACE questions 7 and 8


No Homework on Fridays!