Expectations (formerly known as rules)




Rules have not gone by the wayside. They have just been renamed to reflect their importance and their crucial role in ensuring success in the classroom and in life. I will not have a set list of expectations prepared for the first day of school. We will collaboratively create a set of expectations for both teacher and student to meet. This will give students the opportunity to have ownership over the expectations placed on them in the classroom.


Our Classroom Expectations


  • Be positive
  • Do your best
  • Participate
  • Focus/concentrate
  • Have fun
  • Strive to be a better learner
  • If you need help, ask!
  • Be honest, respectful, and responsible


 Science Safety Procedures (What we have discovered so far...)


  • Keep materials out of mouth unless given permission to taste or eat
  • Use materials and tools with care
  • Always push your chair under when you leave your seat