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Summer Reading Project – Storytelling Elements Flipbook                        Name & Period:_____________________________

  • On each page of your flipbook, identify one of the storytelling elements as it relates to your novel.
  • At the bottom of each page, write the appropriate storytelling element so that it shows when the book is closed.
  • You must include pictures; draw or cut out and attach images to your flip book.


Criteria for each page

Possible Points

Points Earned

Page 1. Title and Author

  • Using color, neatly write the title and author of the book.
  • Include a colorful picture that represents the main idea of the story.



Page 2. Setting

  • Time and place of story are described in at least five sentences.
  • Include a colorful picture that illustrates the story’s setting.



Page 3. Characters

  • List and describe the traits of all important characters. You must include 10 characters. Each description must be two sentences long.
  • Include a colorful picture of each character.



Page 4. Conflict

  • In five sentences, describe the conflict, or problem.
  • Include a colorful picture of the conflict.



Page 5. Plot Timeline

  • Write a timeline that highlights important events in the story.
  • Include 15 events from story in chronological order.
  • Add at least three colorful pictures.



Page 6. Resolution

  • In five sentences, describe how the problem, or conflict, was resolved.
  • Include a colorful picture that represents the story’s resolution.







Mrs. Osborn                                  7th Grade Language Arts Room 248

Supply List

Binder (with a clear slot in front/back)-will be kept in classroom at all times (at least 1 ½ inches)

Dividers (at least 5 tabs)

Duotang folder

Post it notes

Novel for DEAR Day and Reading logs

Colored pencils/Markers


Composition book

Notebook paper


Pens blue or black ink


  • Students have one workbook. Students will be responsible for having their workbook with them every day.
  • DEAR Day is held every Friday in a different subject area. Students are required to read for a 30 minute period and complete a school-approved reading log sheet. Reading logs are checked every two weeks. Parent signatures are required and all lines on the reading log need to be filled out.
  • Vocabulary tests are given EVERY Friday. Students will receive the words on Monday and will be tested on Friday. Students are tested on spelling, part of speech, definition, and use of the word in a sentence.
  • Projects are given every quarter. Students will receive a project information sheet in plenty of time to complete the assignment. Most projects are very detailed and can’t be done a day or two before it is due. Students should begin working on the project as soon as the paper is given out. There are absolutely no excuses for late projects. Students will begin every project in class.


Homework/Make-up Work

  • If classwork in not completed, it will automatically become homework. Partial credit will be given for what is completed and turned in on time. LATE HOMEWORK IS NOT ACCEPTED.
  • If absent, students have two days for every absence to make up the work. If students know they are going to be out of town due to family vacation, trip outside the country, etc., it is in their best interest to get the assignments BEFORE they leave.
  • Any assignment (other than homework) that is turned in late will be deducted one letter grade for every day late (up to four days).
  • If students have any questions about homework assignments, they can email me at . I will get back with them as soon as I can.
  • My classroom website is:
  • All students will sign up for Remind101. I will give each student a code to set up the account. I will send out reminders via Remind101 almost on a daily basis. 442-333-7612 text @caraosbo



  • Remain in seats at all times.
  • Come into class prepared and ready to begin working.
  • Raise our hand to be acknowledged.
  • Treat everyone with equal respect.
  • Food, drinks, candy, and gum are not allowed in the classroom. Students caught chewing gum WILL AUTOMATICALLY RECEIVE A DETENTION.
  • If not followed, the following actions will be taken:
    • Students will receive a warning. A brief note written in child’s agenda

to be signed by a parent.

  • Students will receive a detention to be served from 8:30-9:25 A.M. 
  • A call home
  • Referral-If students do not show up for detention, they will receive a referral. If all other steps have been taken and the student is still misbehaving, a referral will be given.


I look forward to an eventful year filled with plenty of learning, dedication, and success. If you need to set up a conference with all of the teachers, call the 7th Grade Center at (754) 323-3232. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at I do check it every day and will get back to you at my earliest convenience.


Bio Poem due 8/22/13

Summer Reading Project due 9/10/13

Reading Log A due 9/3/13