Grade 6 Curriculum


It is expected at the beginning of class that each student will enter, get seated and prepare to listen. I divide the class into two times: listening time and work time. The listening time is where I expect the students to ask questions, generate discussion, review any homework and be presented with the information they will need to continue the design process and enter work time. This will generally consist of the first 5-10 minutes of class, depending on how quickly the class gets settled. During work time, students will get their folders, and may sit where ever and with whom ever they want, provided they are safe, respectful, responsible and working at an efficient pace.

Every activity involves introduction, design, analysis, and evaluation, amongst other work. Grading will consist of a collection of points, with each assignment assessed a point value. A student’s grade is calculated by taking their total points earned and dividing that by the total points possible. Behavior, effort, respect and responsibility will be used as a bump, should a student’s grade be borderline.

Below you will find a basic table containing the activities I will attempt to complete during the next twenty (20) weeks, (semester) the approximate number of class periods needed for completion, and the applied concepts each will address. By the end of grade 8, each child will be well prepared for the grade 8 Science and Technology/Engineering M.C.A.S. exam.

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Mr. Blanchette

Ms. Oropallo








Class intro/expectations and intro to Tech. Ed.


Rules and expectations/Tech. Ed. defined

Engineering design steps used in problem solving


Introduce step method of problem solving

Water rockets


Transportation technology/simple motion principles/sketching/Newton’s laws/trade offs

Straw towers


Construction/compression/tension/torsion/shear/live load/dead load/efficiency/trusses

Egg slide vehicle

If time permits

Transportation technology/simple motion principles/multi-view sketching/Momentum/velocity/ speed conversions/ systems model/


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