Reasons Why Should Buy Rose Gold Jewellery

Over the last few years, rose gold jewellery has gained popularity for its elegance and contemporary look. It’s known as a versatile option as it can be paired with western or ethnic outfits and suits every skin tone. Considered as a feminine one, the rose gold colour is actually pinkish and hence its rosy name.


What is Rose Gold?

You might have also heard of rose gold along with the common yellow gold and white gold. All three are alloys of gold and not gold in its purest form. Pure gold is a soft metal that is not firm enough to be cast into jewellery or hold precious gems. It’s malleable as it is a soft metal and can bend or break easily. Hence, pure gold is mixed with other metals in small quantities to make it sturdy enough to be worn as delicate jewellery.


Rose gold is the name of one alloy which is a mixture of gold, silver and copper. Copper is the element that gives rose gold its pink tint. The higher the composition of copper, the pinker the rose gold will be. This alloy is strong enough to be worn everyday without causing any damage. 



Is rose gold jewellery a good investment?

Rose gold jewellery is as affordable as yellow gold jewellery. The amount of pure gold in your jewellery determines its pricing. As yellow gold and rose gold, both, are alloys, the percentage of gold in each is similar. 

Rose gold also does not tarnish over time, making these pieces long lasting and durable. The copper element of rose gold helps create a natural protective layer called ‘patina’ which retains the colour and shine of your jewellery. Rose gold also does not require additional polishing or plating due to its unique feature.



Types of rose gold jewellery 

  • Rose gold necklaces

Rose gold necklaces can range from dainty to heavy, depending on the occasion you are buying them for. For regular everyday use, invest in short chain necklaces and pendant necklaces that are designed contemporarily. For special events, choose a rose gold necklace encrusted with crystals for a sparkling appeal.


  • Rose gold earrings

Rose gold earrings are chic accessories that are perfect for women of all ages. From a variety of earrings styles that exist (such as hoops, studs, danglers, etc.) choose one of each kind to add to your collection.


  • Rose gold rings

A fun way to style rose gold rings is to mix and match them with yellow gold and white gold ones. In your stack, have a selection of simple bands and embellished rings for it to look complete.


  • Rose gold bracelets

As rose gold does not get damaged, you can have a bracelet around your wrist all the time. Pair it with your timepiece, preferably a rose gold finished one. Wear a rose gold bracelet solo and let its beauty stand out. Try not to stack so many bracelets of the same kind.

How to care for your rose gold jewellery?

With its patina layering, rose gold does not get damaged easily. As mentioned earlier, rose gold will never tarnish like yellow gold does. Rose gold jewellery can be worn everyday without worry and only requires mild cleaning from time to time only to remove dust and dirt that may collect in crevices. To clean, use soapy water to soften the dust layer and rub once with a soft brush. 



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