Collaborative Story and Quiz

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                                                                                                  The Stone World


Everybody froze, everybody around my line of sight just turned into rock. Seems like all humans have been just turned to stone by a beam of light. Who knows if I can break out this rock form. Best course of action is just to start counting. Counting every second until I get broken from this stone.


A couple billion seconds later and the school around me has been destroyed. The support beams just crumbled, walls broken down, roofs collapsing right above me. All I've seen this whole time was just mother nature taking over the piles of rubble, and the wildlife running around roaming in this once giant city once called Tokyo.


I keep blacking out after a hundred billion seconds. My mind just falls asleep for a split second of me counting, throwing me off my counting. Seems like there are not many buildings now. Seems like a field just grew in front of me. I see trees, grass, and a river. I wonder where that river came from since there isn't a body of water nearby my school, or the place that was once my school. 


Since the buildings collapsed and the land has changed due to the time, I can now see other stone statues of other people. I see former classmates and people who were just walking dogs and going to work, but now are just stone. I still haven't been able to break out of this stone. Come to think of it will I ever break out this stone and free this world that turned to stone? 


Counted together it has been thirty billion seconds rounded together. World hasn't changed. Wild life still seems to be living life since there are no humans to hunt or capture them. I’ve been thinking how long until the world is back to normal, might take another couple hundred years to collect and remake everything back to the way it was. Hopefully humans see life back the way it was.


I wonder if this stone kept my body the same. Knowing that I'm now over three thousand years old if my body is still the same, I will be a three thousand year old mind stuck in a 15 year old boy's body. I see a bat just flying around me and it's dripping some sort of liquid on me, what? The stone is cracking, this bats fluid must be some sort of key to help me unstone this world i'm in. I am now free of this stone body, I guess it’s time to start working on fixing this world.


The first logical step I think of is to capture the bat and find out what kind of liquid broke the stone. I followed it and set a trap. When I finally caught the bat, I examined it and discovered a vile in its mouth. Then it clicked, that must have been filled with the fluid the bat dropped on me. Where did it come from? Can I recreate it? Am I the chosen one destined to save this world alone? What do I do now?(JOEL)

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