Reading, Language, and Spelling


Story of the Week- "Because of Winn Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo

Reading Skill:

Character, Setting, Plot

Making Inferences

Genre: Realistic Fiction

Grammar Skill: Main and Helping Verbs

Writing Skill: Narrative Paragraph

Spelling Skill: Words with suffixes -ant, -ent, -eer, -ist, -ian

Spelling Words-

assistant, consultant, coolant, defendant, radiant, disinfectant, ignorant, absorbent, confident, different, engineer, activist, cyclist, motorist, pianist, typist, comedian, electrician, librarian, musician, puppeteer, occupant, technician, relevant, pertinent

Robust Vocabulary:

consisted- if something consisted of several things, it was made up of those things

prideful- a person is prideful if he or she feels very satisfied because of something he or she has done

intends- when someone intends to do something, he or she plans to do it

snatched- if you snatched something, you grabbed it or pulled it away quickly

recalls- when a person recalls something, he or she remembers it

select- a select group is one that is special and among the best of its kind