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Welcome to a teacher's  Website! smiley 


Yes, I am an educator and proud of it! My name is, Rafael Recto Jr. and I am a Special Ed teacher at Fred Finch Youth Center in Oakland, Ca. It is a Non-public School that serves dual-diagnosed students from 7th grade to 4th year high school and the school is overseen by the Oakland Unified School District. Our mission is to provide safety, treatment for trauma and to help individuals to lead healthier, more productive lives. I have been teaching at this site for almost ten years and my experiences never cease to teach me how to better myself as an educator. And like me, this very site is a work in progress. smiley


Quote of the day: " Many people are absorbed by the differences between black and white; yet it in the various shades of grey where life's most meaningful lessons reside."
(Rafael Recto 2008)

As I said, Welcome indeed!


Hey there! You might be a teacher like myself or just a curious soul thinking about a career in teaching or maybe a concerned parent wanting a better education for your child.  Well whomever you are, you are probably one who appreciates the value of a sound education. This world we live in is a wonderful place that is full of opportunities, but it is getting more competitive every year. Thus we, and that includes our children, need every advantage that our education system can provide!

Links? There are many websites that foster sound learning.

   Here are a few  you might like  yes         

After all, "Teachers do not live by bread alone; they need constant resourcing."    


   www.theteacher'   Though primarily a business website, this place provide free downloads of lesson plans, worksheets, and other teaching resources. User-friendly prompts are on the home page.                                                                                                                            Not just another retailer! Provides endless teaching supply options at great prices and classroom friendly resources such as lesson plans, writing prompts and other resources.

Very user friendly. Immediately displays math-related options at left side of the web page. As you choose each one of them, they present the option of customizing your worksheets. 

Do you have any questions? 

You may contact me anytime! My contact information is available on this site under the "Contact me" heading.

All Set? Here's a thought.

I maintain the idea that the critical components that a student needs cannot be not limited to the desire to learn and the proper guidance to help him/her succeed. Though the afore-mentioned are certainly necessary, they must be backed by the provision of a nurturing and safe learning environment. I describe this process a bit more on my "Why be a Teacher?" page. You see, as proud as I am of my work, I wish to know how awesome you are as an educator. Good ideas are difficult to get, sometimes.  Let's talk. 

Appart from that, I wish you all the luck with your academic trials.



Have Fun!
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