Does Knee Pain Happen To Old?

Are you going to check your knee problem, which occurs in your twenties? And still thinking how could this happen with you because we heard this is an old people's problem such as our grandparents. It is a fact according to a 2016 study about 1 in 5 seniors experience chronic pain. The more affected areas are the knee and ankle, but in teenagers, it can be. Did you know that our knee is the strongest part of our body? It manages the complete weight of our body so it can be a common source of pain. 


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It’s not a myth that only older people experience this problem, but we can also experience it for various reasons. In further sections, we can read about their reasons and get up to the marked piece of information about chronic pain. 


Joint pain (osteoarthritis) is very common in 60-year-old or above people. One study shows that 40% of elderly people experience knee pain issues. Osteoarthritis has two types- primary and secondary. In primary osteoarthritis, the cartilage (it is a resilient and smooth tissue like rubber padding that covers and protects our long bones joint) joining your bones decreases. As you rise old, the content of water in cartilage decreases and makes your joints weak or damaged. Secondary osteoarthritis does not arise because of your aging. The reason for secondary osteoarthritis is injury, genetic factors, diseases, but both can affect your joints. 


With aging people, it arises because of weak muscles, dehydration, delaying their treatment, and being overweight can be the primary factors. Knee pain treatment might be surgical or non- surgical. It all depends on the conditions of your knee. There are so many knee specialist NJ who can treat them well and can pull them from crippling situations. The knee center works on their best medication and gives their patients mental support, which helps them to recover soon.  


We talked about the elder people in all last sections now let’s look at teenagers, what type of knee problems arise in front of them, and how they can fix it. 


If we talk about teens, it requires frequent activity. If they overuse their knee, it won’t become a knee pain to them. Here, the Knee doctor will recommend you bed rest, which leads to a complete recovery. Among teens, knee pain arises in front or in the center of the knee joint. It links the pain with swelling, locking, injury, instability, or disruption. So there are four common causes of knee pain in teens are: 


Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFS):  A common cause in young athletes, which overuse injuries that can cause pressure and friction in their cartilage.  


Osgood- Schlatter disease (OSD): It is another common disease that arises in adolescent girls and boys. It is a sore of the area where the knee cap attaches with the tibia (the shinbone joint which connects with the ankle bone).


Patellar tendonitis: it frequently arises in jumpers such as volleyball, basketball players. The injury provoked by the tendon that connects the patella to the tibia. 


Not always front or center: Iliotibial band friction syndrome (ITBS) is the second name of it, which mainly occurs in athletes who are runners for long-distance and cyclist. It happens on the outer side of the patella.According to the scientific facts, we can see that it is a myth to say it only belongs to old people. 


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