Tips for choosing the best pain management clinic

Are you living with pain for a long time? It’s time to see a back pain doctor or back specialist. Choosing a reliable and reputed nerve doctor is one of the essential decisions you can make. Your pain management specialist is your partner in healing your pain and protecting your health. How do you pick the best pain doctor who is right for you? Read on to know the important elements to consider. 


back pain doctor

Look for referrals 
You can search in Google for ‘chronic pain management doctors near me’ or ‘pain specialist near me’. Or else, you can ask your primary care doctor for a list of referrals of pain specialist. Ask your friends, family and other healthcare providers for recommendations. Research the specialist’s experience and credentials on online forums and when you narrow down your list, call each doctor’s clinic for an appointment to meet and interview the doctor. 
Study about the doctor’s credentials

You should check and ensure the doctor has board certification from recognized universities. When a doctor completes a pain medicine fellowship program, it proposes that he/she has the essential skills, training and experience to provide healthcare in pain management. Check and ensure that the knee bursitis treatment specialist has no history of disciplinary actions or malpractice claims. Look at online forums to know more about a pain management doctor’s medical school, certifications, training hospital and disciplinary history. 

Look at the doctor’s experience 
When it comes to managing chronic pain, experience matters a lot. The more experience the doctor has with a painful condition or procedure, the better your outcomes are likely to be. Ask the doctor how many patients with your condition he/she has treated. If you need particular procedures like nerve block, ask how many of the procedures the doctor has done and check the complication rates. 

Consider the gender 
You want to be comfortable with your pain management doctor’s gender so that you could openly discuss personal details. Your own gender is a significant consideration when dealing with pain. Pain specialists are getting more skilled in caring for men and women differently. So, ask the doctor about his/her recent experience and training related to your condition and gender. 

Look for Telehealth capabilities 
Healthcare professionals can diagnose and treat patients using telecommunication technology such as smartphone, 2-way videos, and email. This is called Telehealth. Ask your doctor if he/she offers such facilities. When you search in Google ‘ what is a back doctor called’, you will get information about the services and facilities these specialists offer including Telehealth. Telehealth does only reduce the trips to the doctor’s office. 

Check communication style
Check for ‘spine specialist near me’ and choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable talking and who supports your needs. Check how the doctor reacts when you ask questions at the first visit. When you look for ‘knee doctors near me’, check if he/she welcomes your questions and provide answers in a way that you can understand. Check for ‘back doctors near me’ and choose one who are interested in getting to know you, who considers your treatment needs and who will respect your decisions. 


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