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 The cheapest material is vinyl pipes but aluminum pipes are durable as they are not easily affected by weather conditions. Maintenance is mandatory Maintenance of the rain gutter system is mandatory to increase its durability and save the leakage and seepage of the water in the house. The gutter also stops the water from falling on the ground by flowing from the edge of the roof. It is easier to install the older type of pipes but the modern system is more durable though the installation charges are high as it has to be installed by an expert. The best way to choose is to chalk out your budget and then search on the net for the best system and material that will be available within your budget.Rain gutters are installed on the roofs that the rain water flows down the gutter and does not accumulate on the roof collection of water on the roof can cause water seepage and damage the flooring of the roof which will slowly lead to leakage of water in the room and damage the walls of the room. Always choose the material that best suits your pocket. Various types of materials are used dustbin mold to make rain gutter. As clogging will stop the water from flowing freely down the drain and accumulation will cause damage to the house.

The outflow of the water should be done in such a way that it flows down to a particular place and does not cause any damage to the house. Check the pipes annually and clean any type of solid waste so that there is no clogging of water. This way the wastage of water is diverted into utility. Sometimes the flow from the pipe of the gutter is diverted towards the garden and used for watering the garden. These guards are cheap and easy to install. The rain gutter should be chosen in such a way that along with utility it should increase the beauty of the house as it is installed outside and becomes a part of the exterior of the house. The flow of the water from the side of the roof will lead to the staining and damaging the outer walls of the house which will spoil the beauty of the house. The best way to stop the solid debris from flowing down the pipe and clogging it is to install some type of guard at the mouth of the pipe so that the debris is stopped from flowing down the pipe and clogging it. Choosing Rain Gutter System It is an important factor. There are two types of rain gutter system available that is the traditional and the modern pattern. The materials commonly used are copper, stainless steel, wood, aluminum and vinyl.