6th Grade Curriculum


6th Grade Curriculum


1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

 I. Operations with Multi-Digit Whole  Numbers, Decimals, and Fractions

A. Divide Multi-Digit Whole Numbers

B. Operations with Multi-Digit                   Decimals

C. Divide Fractions

D. Divide Mixed Numbers



IV. Integers, Rational Numbers, and      the Coordinate Plane

A. Graphing, Comparing, and
    Ordering Integers

B. Absolute Value

C. Graphing, Comparing, and
    Ordering Rational Numbers

D. The Coordinate Plane


VII. Area

A. Area of Polygons and Irregular             Figures

B. Polygons on the Coordinate






II. Ratios and Rates

A. Factors and Multiples

B. Ratios and Rates

C. Equivalent Ratios in                             Ratio Tables

D. Convert


V. Expressions

A. Powers and Exponents

B. Properties

C. Expressions





VIII. Volume and Surface Area

A. Volume

B. Surface Area using Nets







III. Understanding Percents as Ratios

A. Decimals, Fractions, and                     Percents

B. Estimate with Percents

C. Percent of a Quantity






VI. Equations and Inequalities

A. Equations

B. Quantitative Relationships

C. Inequalities








IX. Statistical Measures and Displays

A. Statistical Questions

B. Measures of Center

C. Variability

D. Displaying Numerical Data

E. Shape of Data Distributions






X. FSA Standards Review

Note: This is the curriculum of what is taught in 6th grade. Students are expected to learn these standards to be successful on the Florida State Assessment (FSA) administered during the 4th nine week grading period. The order and pacing in which the standards are taught may change at teacher discretion.