Pre-Algebra Curriculum


 Pre-Algebra Curriculum


1st Nine Weeks

2nd Nine Weeks

3rd Nine Weeks

I. The Real Number System


A. Real Numbers

B. Laws of Exponents

C. Scientific Notation




IV. Relations and Functions


A. Relations & Functions

B. Linear Functions

C. Non-Linear Functions

D. Compare Linear & Non-Linear



VII. Congruence & Similarity


A. Congruence

B. Similarity





II. Equations in One Variable


A. Solving Linear Equations in

    One Variable

B. Determining Number of



V. Angle Relationships &

Pythagorean Theorem


A. Angle Relationships

B. Pythagorean Theorem



VIII. Volume


A. Volume of Cylinders

B. Volume of Cones

C. Volume of Spheres

D. Composite Figures


III. Equations in Two Variables


A. Slope

B. Linear Equations

C. Systems of Equations



VI. Transformations


A. Properties of Transformations

B. Effects of Transformations on

     the Coordinate Plane



IX. Bivariate Data


A. Scatter Plots

B. Lines of Best Fit

C. Bivariate Categorical Data





X. FSA Standards Review

Note: This is the curriculum of what is taught in 8th grade Pre-Algebra. Students are expected to learn these standards to be successful on the Florida State Assessment (FSA) administered during the 4th nine week grading period. The order and pacing in which the standards are taught may change at teacher discretion.