Example Rubric

Rubric for Bowling Tournament

Assessment Task: High School Bowling

Directions for Students: During our badminton tournament, you will be observed for at least two 5-minute periods of time by the teacher.  The rubric below will be used to assess your performance in bowling.  Your grade will be based on your performance during the best 5-minutes observation.  During the game, you should attempt follow bowling rules, use proper etiquette, use of pocket area based on dominate hand, and starting alignment position based on positioning of remaining pins. 



Bowling Rubric





Uses correct Ready Position consistently.

Uses correct Approach consistently.

Usually hits the pins in the designated pocket area.

Sets up approach based on where the remaining pins are located.

Good Grasp of rules during game play.

Practices good Bowling etiquette consistently

Consistently hits majority of the pins.



Sometimes uses correct Ready Position.

Sometimes uses correct Approach.

Sometimes hits the pins in pocket area.

Rules are usually understood and followed.

Usually practices good Bowling etiquette.

Aligns occasionally based on pin location.



Rarely uses correct Ready Position.

Rarely uses correct Approach.

Often ineffective in hitting pins.

There is some confusion about rules.

Player sometimes practices good bowling etiquette.

Rarely aligns based on pin location.


Does not appear to know Ready Position.

Does not use correct Approach.

Ineffective at directing ball to desired location.

Little evidence of knowledge of rules.

Player has difficulty controlling emotions during play or does not follow good bowling etiquette.


Nonparticipant or player did not complete the performance task.