Language Arts

This page contains information about our current reading theme, the selections we will read, and some links to explore. After reading each selection students are tested on their comprehension and ability to apply the week's reading strategy. Spelling words and vocabulary words are sent home each Monday in the blue communicator folder and are tested each Friday. At the end of the theme students are tested on all of the reading skills taught and practiced during the previous three weeks. Students can play a word/definition matching game at the following site:

Theme 5: One Land, Many Trails

Selection 1: A Boy Called Slow by Joseph Bruchac

A Boy Called Slow is a story from the life of Sitting Bull, famed Sioux leader.

Read about Mr. Bruchac and see a list of his other books.


This site provides reviews of each of his books.


Take a journey and learn about Sitting Bull through this webquest.


Selection 2: Pioneer Girl by Andrea Warren

Andrea Warren’s website provides information about her books, including Pioneer Girl, as well as her advice to young writers. 


Selection 3: Black Cowboy, Wild Horses by Julius Lester

This is the true story of Bob Lemmons, a former slave, who became famous for his ability to track wild horses.

Learn more about Julius Lester by visiting the following sites.


Selection 4: Elena by Diane Stanley

Diane Stanley has written books for children on Leonardo Da Vinci, Shakespeare, and Joan of Arc. Learn about these and other books by visiting Ms. Stanley’s website.



Check out these other great links:

Dear America

Relive our nation's history through the lives of these young characters.



Have some fun with reading games at this site.


Harry Potter

Have you started reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling? I finished the book. Did you know that ... Just kidding!  I won't tell you but it is very exciting!


A Series of Unfortunate Events If you enjoy the books you should check out this site.