English 8B Poetry Portfolio Project





8B Poetry Portfolio Project

Your assignment is to put together a Poetry Portfolio containing the following items.

1.  Cover Page: Typed with the following:  Poetry Portfolio, your name, period, English 8B, and teachers name and an illustration.

2.  Five Original Poems written by you: Poems must be original.  They can be rhyming or free verse.  They cannot be poems you have written before this school year.

3.  Notes, Tests and Handouts: Poetry handouts and notes given in class. Tests should be included.

4.  Poetry Presentations: In a group teach forms of poetry and elements for 5 min. Need to involve the class and use a visual aid.

5.  Copy of memorized poem: You will need to memorize a 20 line poem and present this in front of the class.  Include rubric grade sheet and public speaking notes.

6.  Collect 5 different poems: Each poem needs to be typed and on a separate sheet, from different authors. Below each poem you must explain what type of poetry it is… (form, style) explain why you chose the poem, what you like about it, and explain the deeper meaning of the poem.  Write what “lesson of life” you learned from each poem (theme).

7.  Research/write about a famous poet: Research a famous poet finding out about their life, why they became a poet, what kind of poems they write/wrote, etc. Type a 1 page double-spaced, summary about this poet. (12 size font)

***Extra Credit: Memorize the ballad: “The Cremation of Sam McGee” and use it for your recite poetry assignment.