Dismissal Procedures

Parent Pick Up and Drop Off Procedures

Drop Off  Students may be dropped off in the designated area at 8:00am. Please do not drop children off before 8:00 am as there will be no supervision.

Pick Up  Students will be dismissed at 3:00pm. Please place a sign in your front window with your child's first and last name to assist staff with the pick up process

*Our Parent Pick Up/Drop Off is a Cell Phone Free Area. For the safety of everyone, please do not talk on your cell phone when entering or exiting the parent pick up/drop off area.

Parents: We ask that you please understand that for the first couple of weeks of school the dismissal procedure wil be hectic while students and staff try to get adjusted to the process. Please realize that your child's bus will be late the first couple days of school. If your child is going home a different way other than usual, the school must be notified in writing. The kindergarten team is dedicated to making sure that every student arrives home safely in a timely manner.

Leaving Early

If you know you will be picking your child up early, please send a note to the teacher that morning. Go to the office when you arrive at the school and sign the student out. Office personnel will have your child sent to the office to be dismissed.

Children may not be released early from classes between 2:30 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. For the protection of the student, teachers will not release a child without office authorization. In addition, children will not be released to any unauthorized person (i.e.) any person other than the custodial parents and other person(s) thatyou have indicated in writing.