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Trade and Technical Schools

ITT Technical Institute-www.itt-tech.edu

Lincoln Technical Institute-www.lincolntech-usa.com

Orleans Technical Institute Northeast Campus: 2770 Red Lion Road, Phila 19114; 215-728-4700 Center City Campus: 1845 Walnut St. 7th Fl, Philadelphia, PA 19103-4707
http://www.orleanstech.edu Helps individuals meet their employment goals, whether they're new to the workforce, looking to upgrade their skills, or wanting to try something new. Provides
training in the building trades (air conditioning, heating and refrigeration, building maintenance, carpentry, plumbing and heating, residential and commercial
electricity), court reporting, culinary skills, and human services and telecommunications technician. Registration and fees for classes must be paid.
Financial aid is available. Job placement assistance offered after training programis completed.

Thompson Institute-philadelphia.thompson.edu



Jean Madeline Aveda Institute-www.jeanmadeline.com

Empire Beauty Schools-www.empire.edu

Police and Fire Department

Philadelphia Police Departmen- www.phillypolice.com/careers/hiring-process

Philadelphia Fire Department-www.phila.gov/FIRE/about/about_employment_firefighter.html

Paramedic and Emergency Medical Services 

Philadelphia Fire Service Department-www.phila.gov/FIRE/about/about_employment_paramedic.html

Philadelphia Regional Emergency Medical Services-www.phila.gov/RegionalEMS


United States Army-www.army.mil

United States Navy-www.navy.mil/swf/index.asp

United States Marine Corps-www.navy.mil/swf/index.asp

United States Coast Guard-www.uscg.mil

United States Air Force-www.airforce.com

United States National Guard-www.ng.mil/default.aspx

Apprenticeship Programs

Pennsylvania Apprentice Coordinators Association http://www.apprentice.org/ Teaches paid apprentices the skills needed for a career in the building trade industry.
Through a combination of on-the-job training and related classroom instruction, workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation.
These include boilermakers, bricklayers, cabinetmakers, carpenters, cement masons,drywall finishers, electricians, floor layers, glaziers, insulators and asbestos workers,ironworkers, lathers, millwrighters, operating engineers, painters and paperhangers,plumbers, plasterers, roofers, sheet metal workers, sprinkler fitters, steamfitters, and wharf and dock workers.Most trades require four to five years to complete a program.Students fill out an application and take a test, if accepted they are placed with an employer.There are about 300 employers in the building trades participating. Apprentices are paid whileworking.

Carpenters Apprentice School of Philadelphia-www.carpentersofphila.com/home.html Carpenters Training Facility, 10401 Decatur Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 (215) 612-8565
Provides young men and women with the necessary skills to stay current in theconstantly demanding need for carpenters, cabinetmakers, floor layers, lathers,
millwrights, drapery workers, and wharf & dock builders. The program teaches the necessary life-skills and work ethics needed for young people to earn a decent living
with fair wages, health benefits, pensions, and annuities. Applications are solicited only during two weeks of the year; a test for high school level math skills must be passed at the Carpenters Apprentice School beforeapplications will be considered.

Apprentice Training for Electrical Industry-www.atei98.org

Plumbers Union Apprenticeship- www.plumbers690.org/apprenticeship.asp

Plumbers Apprentice School Local 690, Philadelphia, 2791 Southampton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154 215-677-6900, ext. 45 http://www.apprentice.org/plumber1.htm
Through a five year apprenticeship, the program teaches the layout and installation of piping materials, plumbing fixtures, and mechanical equipment on the job. Blueprint
reading, drawing, trade math, related systems, theory and selected manipulative skills are taught in the related school program. The apprentice works under the direct
guidance and supervision of a licensed plumber. Applications must be made on the second or third weeks of January each year.

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers apprenticeship-www.apprentice.org/bricklayers.html

Steamfitters Apprenticeship-www.lu420.org/apprenticeship.asp