Welcome To Mr. Hughes' Website / Bienvenue à la site web de M. Hughes!

Ridgecliff Middle School
35 Beechtree Run, Beechville, Nova Scotia, B3T 2E5

Welcome To Mr. Hughes' Website!

Bienvenue à la site web de M. Hughes!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in Grade 7/8 ELA and Grade 8 Core French / français de base?


Contact Information:
phone: (902) 876-4381 Ext. # 135
2nd Floor - Classroom # 2057
Extra help is available at lunch hour and after-school by appointment. Please contact via e-mail.

According to Statistics Canada, by age 21, only 15.2% of non-francophone
Canadians outside of Quebec speak both English and French.
Statistics Canada's Literacy Skills report concluded that "Literacy skills are like muscles - they are maintained and strengthened through regular use."
Do your best to set yourself apart. Set a trend. Then exercise. And repeat.
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