PEBS, Classroom Expectations & Goals

PEBS, Classroom Expectations and Goals

Positive Effective Behaviour Support

(Source: HRSB, Reposted verbatim)

Positive Effective Behavior Support (PEBS) is a province-wide initiative mandated by the Department of Education.  It is developed within the guidelines of the School Code of Conduct.  The principles and beliefs which are the base for the school’s Code of Conduct PEBS System are as follows:

  • All students have the right to learn and interact in a safe, secure and healthy environment.
  • Student learning is maximized in a positive, safe and caring school environment where all members of the school community demonstrate standards of behavior consistent with the principles of respect, responsibility and right choices.
  • A proactive, positive and preventative approach is the most effective method of achieving a school climate that is conducive to both teaching and learning.  This can be achieved by both teaching and allowing students the opportunity to practice expected positive behaviors and by acknowledging individual successes through school-wide incentive programs and rewards (“caught ya” doing good prizes, academic and citizenship awards and “Wall of Honour”).

The aim of this program is to enable students to experience academic success and increased self-esteem in a positive and safe learning environment. Further, it is felt that the implementation of this program will foster an increase in instructional time and a decrease in the need for disciplinary actions and suspensions.

The school’s PEBS team developed the attached matrix outlining the positive behavioural expectations for our school.  This matrix is currently a draft copy.  Students spent the first three school days being taught and were provided with, opportunities to practice the expectations.  As the matrix is implemented throughout the school year, it will be modified and revised to further reflect the needs at the school.  We welcome comments and suggestions from parents. Also found on our school web-site is a more detailed draft form of the school's Code of Conduct including our consequence guide as well as links to the Department of Education and Halifax Regional School Board Codes of Conduct.

Positive Effective Behaviour Supports (PEBS)

Code of Conduct Matrix

                                                                                             PEBS MATRIX


Respect for Self

Respect for Others

Respect for Environment

Respect for Learning

All Settings

Dress speak and act appropriately

Be proud of RMS

Be responsible for your own behaviour

Keep hands and feet to self

Be an active listener

Appreciate diverse needs and backgrounds

Respect personal space and property of others

Be prepared

Be respectful of efforts and contributions of others

Use trash and recycling bins

Respect school property

Return all borrowed items to point of origin


Be on time

Participate to the best of your ability

Respect speaker

Use appropriate voice/language

Bring necessary materials

Be on time

Respect others’ learning

Complete assigned work

Sit in assigned seats

Eat food elsewhere, drink water only

Respect school furniture

Hallway/ Stairwells

Move directly to next destination

Keep hands and feet to self

Be considerate of ongoing classes/ meetings

Use hall passes during class time

Keep area clean and clear for safe passage

Computer Lab

Protect personal password

Avoid plagiarism

Use assigned PC

Respect workspace of others

Only use educational websites/ technology as directed by teacher

Eat food elsewhere

Leave equipment as you found it

Report defective equipment


Participate to the best of your ability

Wear proper gym clothes, remove headgear and take care of personal hygiene

Respect abilities of others

Promote fair play/ sportsmanship

Be positive and encourage others

Dress appropriately

Participate to the best of your ability

Eat food elsewhere, drink water only

Respect locker rooms

Use equipment responsibly and safely


Enter/Exit quietly in an orderly fashion with your teacher

Remove headgear

Be attentive to presenter(s)

Focus on the message

Ask appropriate questions

Respect the presenter

Eat or drink elsewhere

Sit in assigned area


General Classroom Expectations



Core French Specific Goals


To have fun and have a good attitute while learning French!


To realistically improve listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.


To become better familiar with French customs and culture.


To better understand the global reach of the language, its culture and its connection to multiculturalism in Canada and abroad.


To establish and demonstrate a positive toward French language, history and culture.