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That was surely the situation with the equitable delivered "Bach Trios" set with Yo Ma on cello, Chris Thile on mandolin and Edgar Meyer on stand-up bass. The three artists play as one with a discernible presence to their sound, and the Q350 protected the regular resonance of the three instruments. Sound system imaging was enormous, profound kef q350 and wide.To place the Q350's sound in context we drew out our ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 speakers, which utilize a consolidated midrange/tweeter driver that is not so divergent on a basic level to the Q350's Uni-Q driver.


While the Uni-fi UB5 is a three-way plan with a different woofer, the Q350 is a two-way.At the point when we played Frank Sinatra doing "Fly Me To The Moon" with the Uni-Fi UB5s, Sinatra's vocal sounded more full bodied and more normal than the Q350, however his large band was controlled contrasted and what we heard from the more deft Q350. We quality a portion of the distinction to the way that the Uni-Fi UB5s desire power, and keeping in mind that the STR-DN1080 collector and C 338 amp were both incredible, nor was adequately strong to let the Uni-Fi UB5s completely swagger their stuff. The Q350 was a superior coordinate with both the recipient and amp.


With David Bowie's last collection "Blackstar," we contrasted the Q350 and a bunch of Klipsch RP-160M shelf speakers ($549 a couple). The Q350's low-end bass definition and more impartial midrange were far in front of the RP-160m's, however that speaker was more instinctively alive and energizing than the Q350. The RP-160M is an extraordinary stone speaker, so Bowie's cadence segment kicked more diligently than what we heard from either the Q350 or the Uni-Fi UB5 speakers.We wrapped up our testing with Roger Waters' 2015 film "The Wall" on Blu-beam. The sound blend is more powerful than most CDs or records, and the sound system Q350s effortlessly belted out the music, and bass was ample enough that we question such a large number of purchasers should add a subwoofer for motion pictures.


The KEF Q350 might be tuned for the audiophile ear, yet that doesn't mean it will not likewise please anybody looking for good-sounding speakers. Like most things in sound, clear champs that would satisfy each ear are interesting. The best speakers generally sound unique, so it depends on you to track down one that accommodates your taste, size and cost prerequisites. All things considered, almost certainly, similar to us you'll track down the KEF Q350 an amiable and flexible speaker.Assuming that you're attempting to pick either this and its nearest rival, the B&W 685 S2, tragically we couldn't pay attention to them against one another. However, with our insight into the B&W, we can say that the KEF offers a more grounded bass presentation, which is more qualified to fanatics of rock and dance.